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Debt Settlement means that your principal balance of debt is negotiated down to a lesser amount. Settlement can be one of the most attractive
options available to you if you have more debt than you can pay off in a 2 – 3 year time frame, or if you are unable to make the minimum monthly
payments due to financial hardship. With a debt settlement program, MDS will negotiate on your behalf in order to lower your principal balance. In
most cases, you can also lower your monthly payments due to the lower principal balance.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when determining if you are qualified for debt settlement. All of our well-trained Debt Analysts
can go over your options in detail. Generally speaking, the qualifications are as follows:

  • You have more than $10,000 in debt
  • You currently can’t afford to pay more than the minimum monthly
  • You anticipate not being able to afford minimum monthly payments
    due to unexpected financial hardships including but not limited to
    divorce, unemployment, and medical debt.
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Vehicle Repossessions
  • Collections
  • Medical Debt
  • Business Debt

Debt settlement (unlike bankruptcy) is a private negotiation with our team and your creditors. Bankruptcy is a public filing that is accessible to
everyone, including potential employers, current creditors, future creditors, etc.

Bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for the next 7-10 Years.

The real question is why should your credit score be important to you? It’s important because it affects your opportunities in everything from getting a
mortgage to leasing an apartment to getting a car to having a fall back by way of credit and, in some cases, even qualifying for positions of opportunity.

If your credit score is important to you and you are burdened by a never-ending series of payments to maintain that debt – where will your credit be
in a year? Two years? As your debt increases, your score drops. And as time passes, your score remains low or gets worse if things get

With us, yes, your score will be affected as we negotiate a lower and faster pay-off. However, your pay-off that was years and years away is now only
months away. As a result, you are able to start working on your credit again and get it to a higher score than it was before since your debt burden is
gone and you have more money in your pocket as you are no longer making multiple payments that are lost, primarily, to interest.
When you graduate from our program, we will help and guide you to do what is necessary to have an even greater credit score than you did before.

Settling your own debt is possible! Here are some good questions to ask yourself if considering it:

If a creditor wants to put obstacles in my way or push for legal suit, am I prepared to respond?

Do I know which creditors to negotiate with first?

Do I know to what point I can negotiate with them to get the best possible offer?

Am I prepared for a lengthy process requiring many hours of phone time and emails during their business hours?

If you are unsure as to how to answer these questions and would like to save yourself the massive effort that is required when negotiating debt with creditors by having an entire team of experienced and dedicated professionals handle it for you – then MDS is here for you. We are a performance based company. Meaning, we don’t charge unless you save. And we can guarantee that you will save with Mediator Debt Solutions.

It’s not surprising that the idea of paying less than what you owe to creditors can sound too good to be true. Chances are you’ve seen advertisements for debt settlement and wondered if there was any legitimacy to the claims. Debt settlement is absolutely a viable option for people who have hit financial hardship. If you are unable to make monthly payments to your creditors due to true financial hardship, more often than not they are willing to negotiate a lower principal balance to retrieve some of what you owe as opposed to nothing. This is why paying less than what you owe is a reality for many Americans who are struggling to pay off their debt.

During the debt settlement process, there is a chance that creditors will attempt to contact you about payment. There are several options to help alleviate the calls from creditors including call forwarding options and education on FDCPA rules. It is extremely important to know your rights as they will protect you from harassment and MDS will place you with a provider that will empower you to take control. With this in mind, most creditors will respect the fact that you are being represented by a third party and will start communicating with the third party upon realizing that you have enrolled into a program.

We normally recommend resolving all unsecured debt to help you get on the path to financial freedom quicker. Creditors are generally more willing
to negotiate when they see that most of your accounts are delinquent due to your hardship. The decision to resolve all or some of your debt is totally
up to you. We are here to help you decide what strategies are best for you. Keep in mind that we are a performance based company, our fee will be
taken only at the time the first settlement payment is funded to a creditor on the negotiated account.

It can take, generally, anywhere from 12 to 36 months which is undoubtedly less than what it would take and cheaper in the long run if you made only
minimum payments on your current debt.

From day one you will be working with a team of the industry’s leading experts in debt settlement. Our dedicated debt advisors will guide you
through every step of the process, and make sure you make informed decisions along the way to financial freedom.

Getting started is as easy as picking up the phone and talking to one of our experts. Your path to financial freedom is just one toll-free phone call away!

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