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Can Debt Settlement Really Fix My Money Issues?

Debt settlement is the quickest and least expensive method to get out of debt, according to numerous debt relief professionals. Reducing the amount you owe to your creditors entails bargaining, either via you or your assigned negotiator. It takes time and effort to reach an agreeable reduction percentage. However, if you’ve got a debt that…

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Do I Qualify for Debt Settlement?

  If you’re in debt, you may be confused by the situation and want guidance. You’re not alone if you’re concerned! According to recent research, the typical American household’s credit card debt has increased to nearly $16,000! Personal loans, medical bills, and home purchases are some of the debts that can be relieved. Many people…

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Is Debt Settlement Worth It?

  When you have missed debt payments, you might be wondering if debt settlement is the best option. Depending on which technique you take, it may or may not be a viable alternative: working with a third-party debt settlement firm or negotiating with your creditors on your own. Consumers who want to get out of…

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What is an Emergency Fund?

  Life Happens. In two words we are able to describe the importance of having an emergency fund. From a broken bone to a layoff, emergencies come and go, and sometimes, they are here to stay and change our lives forever. But, what exactly is an emergency fund and how can we make one?  …

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Is it Okay to Only Make The Minimum Payment?

  Minimum payment: $22.00 Statement Balance: $800 Due Date: TOMORROW Why is it always tempting to make the smallest payment? Sometimes, our financial situation isn’t the best and making the full payment isn’t possible at the moment. And as Brownie McGhee would say, “Something is better than nothing”. It’s best to pay at least the…

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What is Debt Consolidation?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Digging a hole to fill another one”? If you have and never understood it before, now you will. When we as human beings find ourselves in a pickle, we always try to find a way out. But when it comes to personal finances, it can be a little tricky…

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How Does Credit Counseling Work?

  “HELP! I need somebody, HELP!” We know you know this tune by heart but, have you ever wanted to scream out “HELP” when it comes to your financial situation? Student loans, debt, mortgages…This can all become super stressful, especially when we have to pay one bill after another. But, what if we told you…

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How Does Bankruptcy Work?

  Bankruptcy. What comes to mind when you hear this word? For many Americans, it is the sound of financial freedom, even though it comes with a price. For others, just thinking about it makes them anxious and if they know of someone who did it, they are the first to judge. So, what exactly…

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